Meet the Team

Allie detrio

chief strategist

Allie Detrio is the Chief Strategist for Reimagine Power, helping clients navigate continuously evolving energy policies and regulations so they can focus on innovating the way to a more sustainable clean energy future.

Prior to Reimagine Power, Allie was the Manager of Policy & Strategy at ENGIE, a global microgrid developer, the largest IPP and provider of energy services in the world, and where Allie cut her teeth on microgrid policy. In 2018, she was awarded the California Solar & Storage Association's Annual Award for her leadership in passing legislation to commercialize the microgrid market in California (SB 1339) and legislation extending the state’s energy storage incentive program authorizing $800M in new funding (SB 700).  

Allie has over 15 years of experience working in clean energy and sustainability holding a variety of positions in policy, operations, business development, and research. Allie was one of the first in the world to receive an accredited B.S. in Sustainability from the Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University. She was a cohort of the Decision Center for a Desert City and has minors in Economics, History and Philosophy.

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Allie leads the microgrid industry's government and regulatory affairs, serving as Senior Advisor for the Microgrid Resources Coalition, where she advocates for microgrids, resiliency, new cleantech business models, and energy market evolution in the west coast.

Since leading the passage of SB 1339 (Stern) in 2018, California's landmark microgrid legislation, Allie has been a fierce advocate for microgrid commercialization at the CPUC. She has fully participated in all tracks of the R.19-09-009 docket, including submitting proposals for robust tariffs and advanced rate designs that capture grid services and resiliency value of microgrids. She has also worked with numerous clients to produce Community Microgrid policy roadmaps, regulatory engagement strategies, and political analyses that will inform California's vision for a 21st century grid that prioritizes community energy needs.

Allie continues to be involved in legislative initiatives for microgrids and community resiliency, working in partnership with the MRC and Climate Center to pass the Community Energy Resilience Act, and leading coalition efforts to fund microgrids, DERs and resiliency investments at the CA state legislature. She continues to be a vocal advocate for a new utility business model in California and market design changes that promote local clean energy development.


In 2021, Allie was re-elected to the Board of Directors of the Bioenergy Association of California and also serves as BAC's Chair of the Electricity Committee. Alongside BAC and leading Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs), Allie helped pass AB 322 (Salas) to prioritize grants for biomass and AB 843 (Aguiar-Curry) to expand the BioMAT program to CCAs.

Allie has developed sophisticated project implementation strategies and navigated interconnection for biomass microgrids for rural communities. RP has helped secure multiple grants for clients to evaluate biomass and community resilience investments. She is a vocal advocate for regenerative forest biomass, firm clean power resources, and rural resiliency initiatives.


Allie is a veteran and award-winning advocate of the solar + storage industry, promoting local clean energy solutions, energy independence, and customer empowerment in California. She is a prominent member of the California Solar & Storage Association, California Energy Storage Alliance, and supports numerous clients in the sector with policy and regulatory strategy.

Allie has had to play a lot of defense in 2021, playing a key role in helping to defeat AB 1139 in the legislature through grassroots influence and heroic coalition building efforts with many diverse stakeholders. She has been a leading advocate for the multifamily solar market in the hotly contested NEM 3.0 Docket at the CPUC. She has written extensive comments and testimony on the benefits of DERs for renters in apartments, correctly educated regulators on how electricity currents flow on the distribution system, and even cross-examined herself during the evidentiary hearing in 2021.

Many know Allie from her efforts in 2018, where she was awarded CALSSA's First Annual MVP Award for her leadership in passing SB 700 (Wiener) which authorized over $800 million in new funding for energy storage systems, expanding the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) and accelerating cleantech market transformation in California. Allie continues to work with clients to build grassroots support for local solar + storage and influence positive outcomes for communities and customers in California and beyond.

Selena Feliciano

PR & Outreach Consultant

Selena is an outreach & marketing consultant based in Oakland, CA amplifying the messages of people and movements rooted in climate justice. With Reimagine Power, Selena has leveraged the team's policy expertise to spearhead campaigns that support federally-recognized tribes in their pursuit of energy sovereignty, and that help California communities leverage technologies for an energy future free from fossil fuels.

Selena has a passion for the critical redesign of 21st century collective ownership--that of regenerative land stewardship, cooperative models of sustainable asset creation for underrepresented groups, and energy resilience. As such, she currently serves as the lead organizer of the Coalition for Environmental Equity and Economics (CEEE), a steering committee-member with the California Alliance for Community Energy, a board-member of People Power Solar Cooperative and Berkeley Student Cooperative Alumni Association, and Environmental Justice Advisor with the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. When not supporting community and clients, Selena is surfing, hiking among redwoods, or on two wheels with her bicycle-touring theatre troupe (Agile Rascal).

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Allison Hilliard

Legislative Policy Analyst

Allison (Allie) is one of Reimagine Power's policy analysts based in Campbell, CA. She specializes in California legislative affairs and provides critical research and insight into the activities at state agencies such as the CEC, CPUC, OPR, SGC, and CARB. In addition, Allison manages our social media accounts to provide real-time coverage of the microgrid and cleantech industry. Check out RP on twitter here: @ReimaginePower.

Allison graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in May of 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic. During that time, she worked as a Legislative Intern for the Hawaii Solar Energy Association (HSEA) and then transitioned to Alternate Energy, a solar company, where she focused on administrative responsibilities. There she gained operational and on-the-ground coordination skills to elevate her career in the renewable energy industry. She soon connected with Allie Detrio where she was brought on to assist RP with policy work and the rest is history. Allison's passion for her work and magnetic energy makes her an invaluable part of the Reimagine Power team. We look forward to seeing her continue to blossom in her skills and within the industry.

Nick Detrio

Regulatory Policy Analyst

Nick joined Reimagine Power in early 2021 as a policy analyst with a focus on regulatory and policy research in both California and key states across the country. Since joining the team, Nick has provided research for several important projects. Nick explored pathways for a client interested in developing a microgrid by researching ways in which to municipalize, form a cooperative, or become a microutility in California. In addition to California, he has also been researching regulatory pathways forward for a large community microgrid project in Colorado. Other projects Nick has worked on for the RP team include exploring the use of Blockchain technology in the energy industry and the creation of a policy and regulatory database to aid clients in finding business development opportunities in markets across the U.S.

Before joining Reimagine Power Nick studied international relations and environmental studies at Ohio University. Over the previous 5 years Nick made traveling the world and experiencing other cultures his main goal. He taught English in Shanghai, China for nearly 5 years and used that opportunity to explore East and Southeast Asia. After his years overseas, Nick moved to Wilmington, NC and joined Allie and the RP team to leverage his experiences and skills to work in the clean energy industry. Nick has a passion and intelligence for the political landscape that makes him a natural in the industry and a vital part of the team.

Christine hutchison

director of operations

Christine joined Reimagine Power in 2019 to help with the organization and administrative workings of the business but soon found herself aiding Allie in more than just administration and came on as the Director of Operations. Christine is a jack-of-all trades specializing in client communications, human resources management, accounting and budgeting, creative design, and serves as Allie's executive assistant and council.

Christine graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Hospitality Management and Business Administration. She began her career in Cleveland, OH working in the hotel industry where she built a foundation of administrative, media and event management, communications, and leadership skills that she took with her to Raleigh, NC. Eventually, Christine pivoted to the veterinary industry for her love of animals where she found her passion for small business management and operations. Shortly after launch, Christine joined Allie at Reimagine Power where her versatile work experience and creative energy allows her to wear many hats and makes her a critical part of the team.