About Us

Reimagine Power specializes in policy intelligence, market strategy and advocacy for microgrids, advanced energy technologies, diversified and localized energy systems, and energy market evolution in the west coast. We work to bridge the gap between energy policy and project development.

Our carefully curated clientele consists of top tier innovators and thought leaders in advanced clean energy that are reimagining the power sector. We specialize in supporting clients that are on the ground creating and deploying the real-world solutions needed to achieve our climate and sustainability goals. Clients leverage Reimagine Power’s deep experience and expertise in clean energy policy and market intelligence to grow their business, customer base, and impact in contributing to a more sustainable world.

Reimagine Power is your boots on the ground ambassador working to educate stakeholders, help businesses and customers navigate ever-changing energy policies, reduce barriers to constructing clean energy projects, encourage new partnerships between the public and private sectors, unlock new value streams for energy services, and enable customers to participate in new dynamic and transactive energy markets.

We invite you to reimagine the power sector by embracing energy innovation and market transformation to grow a thriving clean energy industry with a diversity of technologies, distributed resources and market participants, while accelerating resiliency and sustainability in our local communities that has a triple bottom line effect and achieves multiple policy goals.


+ Microgrids 

+ Community Resiliency  

+ Distributed Energy Resources 

+ Bioenergy 

+ Solar & Storage 

+ Alternative Fuels 

+ District Energy  

+ Cleantech Software    

+ Energy Market 


+Rate Design  

+Utility Regulation  

+Sustainable Public Policy  

+Market Development & 

Business Strategy